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Hi friend, welcome to Jackie at Blush!

I remove unwanted hair and cover grey so you can feel beautiful and confident!

I am located in and the co-owner of Blush Beauty Bar since February 2020!

I have been a cosmologist since 2009 but in the beauty industry since 2003. I specialize in sugaring hair removal.

When I am in the salon I can cover your grey so no one is the wiser!

When I am in a sugaring session I can help you feel comfortable and relaxed.

And when I am at home I can wrangle kids and animals while dessert is baking in the oven!

nearest waxing salon Terre Haute

I absolutely love hosting parties at my home and it's no different when you come to see me at Blush. I am here to help you feel comfortable and confident. Whether you're nervous about your first sugaring experience or you aren't sure the best way to cover your pesky greys within your budget, I'm here for you! 

"My favorite thing about being a hair stylist and a sugarista is spending time with my clients. I understand that trust is hard to build and easy to break. I take that seriously. 
I love to give my guests confidence. When they walk away from my treatment room I want them to know they are beautiful!" 
Blush Beauty Bar
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